Demo 2014

by Fuck You, Idiot

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Kate - vocals
Jonathan - guitar
Miles - bass
Kyle - drums

Recorded May '14 in our practice space by Jon. Fuck yeah.


released June 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Fuck You, Idiot Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Anunnaki Bukakke
We dropped some bombs last night
They're back on their way tonight
We're gonna die that's right and
I don't fucking care

Last night I saw the ghosts filling up the street
Marching down Milwaukee with a dead beat
And the lizards in the park, wearing suits, began to talk
And they say "this is the end"

Ticky-tock we're running out of time
Track Name: Born To Complain
All of the shitty things that have been on my mind
I look forward to nothing but I don't mind
Just enough, to not give a fuck
It's all in my head

Just hang up becuase I was born to complain
Everything that fills my day would make you sad
Though I don't want to I will make another day
Go to work and pray that one day this all ends
Track Name: Everybody's Old And Shit
All my heroes aren't dead
They're just basking in the bed
With the TV on
While I'm on the road
With nothing but friends to help me
Sing-a-long LA LA LA LA

You see we're out of touch
Got fanny packs and high on drugs
We just need some warm place to
Waste some time

Nothing to offer you but shitty looks and attitude
We drank your beer, I hope that's fine
Track Name: I Suck At Life
I should've taken the trash out
It smells so gross
I should've dumped my boyfriend
He is so gross
I should've done the laundry
I have no clothes
Responsibility fucking blows

I suck at life
Track Name: Wait! Wait! Don't Smell Me
Pearl of the west, if you can handle it
Moving further south to find a nicer place to live
Pull a carrot and snack on my front stairs
Watch Melvin harvest metal from an alley mattress

Hey! Hoe! Rocks! Blows!

The guys outside, I tell them to get a life
But they keep pushing, keep pushing

When I go out at night and get on my bike
My neighbors say to me
"Keep pushing, keep pushing"