The Winter of Our Diss Content

by Fuck You, Idiot

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released December 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Fuck You, Idiot Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Right Way
wear the world like a narrative wouldn't care if it
raised more hands in the circle
you got some dumb hair and hang out with bad-asses
talking fits and taking home cool girls with glasses

I don't want to know the right way

right now write down a new story for me
right now like picking the shit off your eyes in the morning

chrysalis analysis
you weren't there
why do you care

I don't want to know the right way

raise your tin cans to the king of slam dancers
cd cases of dogs with cancer

I don't want to know the right way

right now quiet down
Track Name: You're So Lame (you probably think this song's not about you)
you have the right to claim every mistake you fucking made
your big backbone's falling loose
your feet hurt from the wrong shoes

flies wont touch the shit you spew

a bad mother fucker who's a chicken undercover
and you haven't got a clue of what you want to
do you see? you're annoying

you're a scholar of punk rock
you're a really good artist, NOT!
you're a fucking poseur

you try so hard, your personality you sacrifice
nitpicking everything, tell me to get a fucking life
leave me alone, pick your own nose and get a fucking life
Track Name: Against All Authority
I'm gonna let it go, go with the flow
Be mad behind your back
I'm gonna dress up like a hoe
And smoke another cigarette
I'm gonna send you dirty texts
And follow though with none of it

And when the night pukes up the sun
I won't recognize anyone
But they know my name so I guess it's cool
Too much weird shit left to confess
We go to bed completely dressed
And pretend we're not a bunch of fools

I can't hold on to something
If everything means nothing
Broken down with no flarers
Dreams with terrors and
Truth with errors

Got time to sit and think while
You're reading backs of trucks on
50 hour bus
Getting drunk and wondering why
Our lives have been torn apart
Take a shot in the park
Everyone knows life's a walk in the dark

It's hard enough to throw it all away
Without leaving any marks

I can't hold on to something
If everything means nothing
I'll throw a fucking fit.
'Cause life is only what you make of it.